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Skin & leather

The history of Millau has, since the middle ages, been inextricably entwined with the work of local  tanneries and leather producers, many of which handle the skins of sheep and lambs from the Causses, bred here to provide milk for the neighbouring Roquefort cheese industry.


From the 18th century, Millau became the national "Capital of leather and  gloves". In 1963 80 glovers had 6600 employees, nearly five million pairs of gloves were produced in that record year !

travail du cuir


Despite several crises, the art continues to this day and has recently seen a a revival under the labels of Haute Couture and Fashion. The gloves from Millau are found in the best boutiques around the world -  Lacroix, Chanel, Hermes, Vuitton and Dior. 


Developments in leather and leatherwear have allowed the houses of southern Aveyron houses to preserve the traditions of leather fashion.

Craftsmen are happy to open the doors of their workshops for the public to discover and share this unique expertise.

The companies of the region are now grouped together in a Leather Collective , offering visitors a discovery tour of the various houses.

  • Causse Gantier
    5, Boulevard des Gantières
    Phone. : +330565600305
  • Maison Fabre Ganterie
    20 Boulevard Gambetta
    Phone. : 0565605824
  • Calvi Millau Maroquinerie
    14, impasse de la Paulèle
    Phone. : +330565600756
  • L'Atelier du Gantier
    21, rue Droite
    Phone. : +330565608150