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Roquefort AOC cheese

Discover a jewel of French gastronomy

The AOC ( Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) guarantees the authenticity and quality of a product. As the flagship of French food, Roquefort has the oldest appellation and was the first French cheese to achieve this status in 1925. For a cheese to deserve the Roquefort mark, it must meet stringent specifications including natural and human factors, implying a close link between the product, the land of its production and the skills of the people living there.

Caves and creators 

Made exclusively from full-cream unpasteurised sheep's milk from the "Rayon de Roquefort" which covers the departments of Aveyron, Aude, Gard, Herault, Lozere and Tarn, Roquefort cheese gets its richness first and foremost from the pasture of the grazing herds. The harsh and contrasting climate of the Grand Causses provides ewes of the Lacaune breed with a grassland which is particularly strong in taste. It is not surprising to discover all the aroma of the great outdoors in their milk!  This also explains the seasonal nature of the manufacture of Roquefort which runs from December to July respecting the natural cycle of the ewe.

But the magic of Roquefort does not come solely from the milk: a microscopic magician lives in the deeps of Combalou. This is a fungus, Penicillium roqueforti. It has the power to transform the  sheep curd into a creamy cheese.

In the heart of the Combalou scree, 2 km long and 300 metres wide, are the fleurines, natural galleries where the famous Roquefort cheese ripens for at least fourteen days.

Cut into the rock and fitted with ripening shelves, these caves are naturally ventilated to a constant temperature all year round, between 8 and 10 ° C. The humidity of 95% is achieved by infiltration of water through the fractured rock.

To complete its transformation, the cheese is dressed in foil in which it continues its slow maturation before bringing a touch of magic to your cheese selection.

Seven local craftsmen invite you all year round to discover the magic of Roquefort. Just step through the door of their cellar, workshop or retail store. Passionate about their job, they will advise you and help you choose the cheese that suits you best.

A label of collective achievement - the Red Ewe

The mission of the General Confederation of Ewe Milk Producers and Industrialists of Roquefort is to coordinate the relationship between milk producers and manufacturers. It seeks to defend and promote the name in France and abroad.

Festive culture

The importance of the AOC Roquefort has contributed to the economic growth of a region that in some places has far more sheep than people. Nevertheless, the folk enjoy celebrating their Lacaune sheep and their country through festivals and gatherings throughout the year.

In southern Aveyron, every year the lamb feast of Réquista, perfectly illustrates this attachment to the land. Sheep-shearing, milking by hand, a sheep market and sheep dog demonstrations are the highlights of this pastoral holiday, indispensable to the regional landscape

The Festival of the Ewe in Saint-Affrique is a meeting that takes place every 5 years with over 100 exhibitors around nine thematic clusters. With demonstrations, conferences, exhibitions and tastings, all is in place to discover all the facets of the profession breeder, along with new innovations in the sector.


A multitude of events and festivities celebrating the AOC Roquefort... mark your calendar!

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